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To help you find more information ab,out standards, we offer a list of the relevant sites dedicated to the standards discipline. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list. We suggest that you search the Internet for more information.

If you are interested in obtaining reading material on standards and standardization, we recommend that you visit the Standards Engineering Society online library.

World Standards Services Network
Network of publicly accessible web servers of standards organizations around the world. Through the web sites and its members, the WSSN provides information on international. regional, and national standardization and related activities and services.

World Trade Organization
A global organization addressing the rules of trade between nations.

WTO/TBT Standards Code Directory
Provides information on standardizing bodies that have accepted the DTO TBT Code of Good Practice for the preparation, adoption and application of standards.

Standards Engineering Society
Promotes the use of standards.

Impact of Standards Users Group (ISUG)
A group of consultants contracted by the Enterprise Directoreate of the European Union for an “Impact of Standards” study. The study will determine the quantitative and socioeconomic impacts of standardization, in delivering selected benefits across a broad range of industry sectors.

Industry Cooperation on Standards and Conformity Assessment
ICSCA members share a vision of increased trade and commerce through the appropriate application of industry standards and the belief that such standards should add value to the products affected by them.

International Center for Standards Research
To advance the theory and practice of standardization worldwide through unbiased innovative research and education involving the engineering, business, policy, legal economic and social aspects of standards-related activities and products.

International Federation of Standards Users
An independent, not-profit international association for the application of standards, companies, professional and trade associations and government agencies concerned with the use of standards. Its objective is to consolidate standards users’ interests and views on all aspects of standardization and conformity assessment and to promote the uniform implementation of standards and to develop solutions to standards users’ challenges.

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